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Five Crafts – From insight to impact

Crafting background

Business Analysis

We swiftly map out your project from goal to architecture, detailing each step to finely craft your product setup and operational workflows.

Finance & Funding

We tailor financial strategies and funding solutions, ensuring accurate transaction tracking, compliance adherence, and robust financial reporting for sustained growth and reconciliation efficiency.

Risk & Compliance

We conduct thorough risk assessments and enhance IT security to comply with all relevant regulations with emphasis on AML/CFT regulation. Our expertise extends to securing necessary licensing, ensuring your operations are safeguarded and compliant.

Operations Setup

Connection to Partners

Agile Approach

From market delivery to post-launch support, we craft Backoffice tools and guide products through pilot phases to operational handover.

We manage third-party integrations and APIs to enhance services while conserving resources.

Our agile methodology involves close collaboration with development teams through all phases, from analysis to product launch.

Crafted projects

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At Five Crafts, we recognize that the path to business growth is not one-size-fits-all. Our name signifies more than a suite of services; it represents a commitment to tailored expertise. Each craft, backed by seasoned professionals, is a tool in your arsenal – used as needed to sculpt your business's unique journey towards expansion. We don't just offer services; we forge partnerships to navigate the diverse terrain of your business landscape.


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Five Crafts s.r.o.

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Zelená 1132, Dobřichovice, Czech Republic

A legal entity registered in the Commercial Register under file number C 377326 maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague.

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