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At Five Crafts, we recognize that the path to business growth is not one-size-fits-all. Our name signifies more than a suite of services; it represents a commitment to tailored expertise. Each craft, backed by seasoned professionals, is a tool in your arsenal – used as needed to sculpt your business's unique journey towards expansion. We don't just offer services; we forge partnerships to navigate the diverse terrain of your business landscape.

How do we craft?

Business & Process Analysis

Financial & Accounting Setup

Risk & Compliance Analysis

We start from project goal to business architecture, we map your key epics quickly and go into the detail. We are able to help with the concept of your financial product and processes behind it. 

We are setting up processes to accurately track and record all financial transactions, including revenue, expenses, and payments. This setup also includes creating a system for reconciling transactions, generating financial reports, and ensuring compliance with relevant financial regulations.

We are prepared to assess and manage the potential risks associated with your project. This includes regulatory compliance in financial regulation, AML/CFT regulation and KYC requirements. Furthermore, we are able to assist you with licensing requirements. Our effort helps to ensure that your project operates within a legal and regulatory framework and protects your and your clients' interests. 

Operations Setup

We are ready to deliver the product to market and support it beyond. We have experience in creating Backoffice tools and processes and even guide the product through pilot phase and hand it over to emerging operations team.

Connection to Partners

We take responsibility for identifying, managing and implementing third party solutions and APIs to outsource non-core services and save the client’s resources. 

Agile approach

We prefer to work in agile mode – prioritising the work to be done into sprints with product owner and DEV team. We are used to work closely with development team – from analysis to acceptance tests, pilot run and product launch. 



Peter Struckel


Peter is an seasoned hands-on executive with a proven track record in delivering and operating complex, innovative, regulated IT products in corporate as well as startup environments. His domains are project and product management. His industry domain lies in Fin-Tech, Med-Tech, Banking, Law as well as the Creative industries.


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